Breast Enlargement 

''...the results are amazing, I had totally forgotten how my breasts looked before surgery, well I can honest say that i am sooooooo happy :-), you have done wonders and I would recommend you to everyone.''

JG- Breast Enlargement Patient


Breast enlargement or breast augmentation is the most commonly requested type of breast plastic surgery in the UK. In fact, it is the commonly requested type of plastic surgery full stop!  We are now in the age of the 'couture boob job' and it is no longer the case that one size fits all. Nowadays implants come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and textures, they all come in a variety of projections (which means how far they stick out) and the coating can be smooth or textured and some are coated in a special polyurethane foam which decreases the risk of needing further surgery in the future.  Some are round, some are teardrop-shaped and they even come in a conical shape (it is not as strange as it sounds - they actually give a very natural look in patients who are borderline for a breast lift).  You can see examples of Jonathan's work by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

As a fully independent surgeon, Jonathan has access and experience in using all types of implants and will talk you through the pros and cons of each.  Jonathan was recently featured in 'The Timesand 'The Mail on Sunday' talking about the designer boob job.

We offer an unrivalled aftercare service and will be available to see you as often as you need for as long as you need and will never charge for follow-up appointments. This means that if you need to go over things again in the clinic prior to your operation, you are free to come back as often as you like, you will only be charged for the initial consultation. 

Furthermore, Mr Staiano offers a free annual follow up for all of his breast implant patients and will see you if you have any questions or concerns at any time following your surgery. As well as having an consultant-led follow up package, Mr Staiano enrols all patients in to the Aesthetic Surgery Commitment scheme which will cover the costs for any corrective surgery that may be required in the first 2 years after your surgery.

We believe it is important that our patients have complete peace of mind that they will be looked after right from the moment they walk in the door.  

Please watch these video testimonials from Jonathan's patients.



Implant FAQs


Should I have round or teardrop implants?

The implants themselves are a very important part of the breast enlargement procedure. Round implants are dome-shaped, while anatomical implants are teardrop or pear-shaped (with a flat back).
Teardrop shaped implants have the advantage of giving a more natural contour to the breast particularly in patients with little breast tissue. However, they are more expensive and they have the potential to rotate, (which doesn't happen with round implants).
For patients with some breast tissue to cover the implant, a round implant is better suited.   Round implants come in different profiles or projections (meaning how large they are from a side on view) and this dictates how much fullness they give in the upper part of the breast. Some patients need to have fullness restored in the upper part of the breast if the breast volume has descended whereas others prefer more fullness to give a more pronounced cleavage.

What volume implant should I have?

Breast enlargement patients tend to compare their implants by the volume. Whilst volume is important, it is not the whole story.  
The measurements of your breasts before the operation is the key deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right implants. Once your breasts have been measured, we can talk about the various shapes and sizes of implants based on how large they are from a sideways view; we call this the projection.  Round and teardrop shaped implants come in different projections, so it is not just simply about choosing the volume.  We have sizers in the clinic and examples of implants with different projections so we can make a plan together to achieve the result that you are hoping for. Everybody is different and the results are not only dependant on the implants that we choose, but also on your current breast shape and size.  No two people are the same, which means that everyone gets a bespoke fitting for their implants with Jonathan Staiano and our job is to find the perfect implants for each patient.  

What happens if the implants rupture?

All of the implants that we use are made of cohesive gel which means that if the shell fails, they do not leak liquid silicone.


               Section through cohesive gel silicone implant           Section through polyurethane foam coated implant

They are similar to a jelly baby, or as the Americans would say, a 'gummy bear'.  The technical term for this is 'form stable'.  This means that modern day implants feel slightly firmer than the older ones, but they are safer if they do rupture.  The shell on the premium implants that we use is very strong and so rupture is uncommon, however, you can be safe in the knowledge that silicone is not likely to leak in to other parts of your breast.


What type of implants do you use?

As Jonathan Staiano is an independent plastic surgeon and he does not work for a company or clinic, he is able to offer the best implants for his breast enlargement patients and does not need to stay with a preferred supplier. He only uses the very best implants made by well respected, long standing implant manufacturers. He uses Nagor, Silimed and Polytech implants. During your initial consultation you can look at samples of all of the implants that he uses and you can get an idea of the differences. Jonathan will assist with other implants on the market if you wish to do your own research. He will help you look at the differences in the composition of the implants and the warranty. All of the implants have a lifetime warranty.
Jonathan has never used PIP implants.


   Nagor  Silimed Polytech
Country of manufacture  UK  Brazil  Germany
Outer Shell  Silicone
Inner contents
 Silicone  Silicone  Silicone
Shapes available
  Round or teardrop   Round, teardrop or conical   Round or teardrop
Link to website
 Silimed Pure Implants

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