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You may have just returned from holiday and want reassurance that a mole is nothing sinister, or you may have made up your mind that you would like to have your mole removed. 

I offer a same-day service and can see and treat you during your initial consultation. I can offer this service because my consultations are within state of the art facilities in Birmingham with a fully equipped operating suite on site to allow the full range of procedures under local anaesthesia on a ‘walk in, walk out’ basis. I am registered with the CQC and offer competitive fixed price packages for self-pay patients. Whether it is a mole that has recently changed, or one you just don’t like the look of, within a few hours of your consultation, it could be gone forever.

I am writing to thank you for operating on the day of consultation and for such a pain-free experience at the time and the informality of our discussions. I shall follow your recommendations for the future in case another one surfaces to spot it early. Thank you again – you have a true gift and consequently you will be extremely busy.
– Words by IR - Skin Cancer Removal

You do not need a GP referral for treatment in the Mole Clinic, I do however accept referrals from your GP or dermatologist. I can remove unsightly or worrying moles, cysts and lipomas from all parts of the body. Xanthelasma are deposits of cholesterol that occur on the upper and lower eyelid. They can be very obvious and are usually very easy to remove under local anaesthetic with minimal scarring.

For more information on cysts – see our page dedicated to cyst removal here.

Skin cancers are increasingly common and it is important to be aware of the risks of sun exposure. Fortunately, most can be treated successfully by excision under local anaesthetic. The priority is to completely remove the tumour, but the cosmetic outcome is crucial. For more information on what to look out for with your mole – read my blog on ‘when should you worry about your mole’.

As a plastic surgeon, I take care to plan my excision such that the resultant scars will lie in an area of a natural skin crease or shadow. It is using this sort of planning that plastic surgeons gain the reputation for being able to perform scarless surgery.

No matter what the size or position of a lesion, it can be removed with maximum safety and minimum cosmetic deformity using plastic surgical techniques. These range from careful excision and direct closure, through the use of skin grafts to flap techniques involving the movement of tissues from neighbouring skin or from elsewhere in the body.