"I had my earlobes repaired after they split. My children said I looked like `pacman'. I arrived for a consultation and had the procedure done immediately. Jonathan was friendly,efficient and I felt confident when I left and I was wearing earnings again a week later.Would definitely recommend. Fab!"

 JW - patient testimonial


I have a particular interest in the repair of the split earlobe and have published a technique to repair the earlobe while keeping the hole.  Direct suture of the split earlobe can result in a notch in the earlobe if the scar contracts over time.  Furthermore, it means that the ear will need to be pierced in a new, unscarred area and this can cause asymmetry with piercings in the opposite ear .

To overcome these problems, I perform split earlobe repair using a double flap technique which avoids a straight-line scar that is prone to contracture and allows for the earring hole to be recreated in the original position and so earrings can be worn again without re-piercing.
This technique can be done under local anaesthetic as an outpatient procedure.  If enough notice is given, I can often perform the procedure on the same day as the consultation.
 drawings by Mr NS Niranjan
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