Beware of the Brazilian Bum Lift

We get an increasing number of enquiries for buttock augmentation or the so-called Brazilian Bum Lift.
A few years ago it was pretty much unheard of but it is rising in popularity and when I speak to my colleagues overseas particularly in America, they are performing huge numbers of these operations.
We specialise in breast and body contouring here at the Staiano Clinic and you might have thought that this is something that I would be keen to embrace, but on the contrary, it is a technique that I would be wary of and I do not know anyone in the UK who is performing significant numbers of the procedure.
Buttock augmentation used to be done by using implants, but now fat injections are increasing in popularity and this is certainly something that we are very comfortable doing.

However, you have to be very careful when considering fat injections into the buttock and it is not something that should be performed by a general plastic surgeon who is doing them once in a while.
In fact the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have recently issued a warning to all plastic surgeons that there has been a rise in the number of complications most notably death, as a direct result of the procedure.
They stressed the need for the surgeon to be experienced in the technique, because if fat is injected into the wrong areas it can have catastrophic consequences.

It is obviously important to ensure your surgeon is a fully trained plastic surgeon and a specialist in their field whatever you are having done

but I would urge extra caution if you are considering buttock augmentation.
In fact that there is a recent article from the surgeons in the TV showed Botched.
They have seen terrible complications and adverse outcomes from buttock augmentations, leaving patients disfigured and unable to sit comfortably.

I am sorry that we cannot help you if you are thinking of having a Brazilian Bum Lift , and I do not even know who to recommend because I do not know of any UK plastic surgeon who specialises in this.

My advice would be to do your research,  make sure you have realistic expectations of the outcome, and you are aware of all the limitations and potential complications of the procedure.

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