Inverted Nipple Before and After Photographs

Inverted Nipple Before and After Photographs

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* Inverted nipple correction by dividing the ducts. Result shown at 9 weeks following surgery with no visible scar.
* This is a patient who is shown 10 weeks after inverted nipple correction performed by cutting the ducts. The scar is not visible.
* This patient has had inverted nipple correction using a flap from either side of the nipple to support it. This means that the milk ducts do not need to be divided but there is scarring on the areola and the correction is less effective than when the ducts are cut.
* Please note that results may vary from person to person

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  • What Can I Expect at My Consultation?

    If you would like to have your inverted nipple correction surgery on the same day as your consultation, please mention this when booking. The consulting rooms have a fully equipped operating theatre which allows procedures under local anaesthetic to be performed on the same day as your appointment. You will first have your consultation with Mr Staiano, when you can talk about the options available and whether surgery is right for you. Even if you have expressed an interest to have surgery on the day, there is no pressure to proceed and we encourage patients to go away and consider things before undergoing surgery.
  • What does the Operation Involve?

    The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, which means that you stay awake throughout. There is a small injection around the nipple and then you will feel movement but no pain. The procedure will last around 30 minutes and you will be able to leave the clinic shortly afterwards
  • What Will the Aftercare Be?

    You will have a waterproof dressing on, which will allow you to shower immediately after the procedure. An appointment will be made for you to come back to the clinic the week after the procedure to have the dressing removed. At this stage, you may need some light gauze, or no dressing at all. The sutures are all dissolvable and so there will be no need to have your stitches removed. You will be given contact details for Mr Staiano should you have any questions or concerns about your operation.  

    You will have an appointment to see Mr Staiano back in the clinic after about 6 weeks and you will have access to unlimited follow up consultations, should you need to come back at any time to discuss the progress of your surgery.

    The wound is normally healed after about 7 days and you should be able to swim after 2 weeks. It is best to avoid pressure on the nipple for 4 weeks after the surgery. The scar usually heals very well, although it may be a little red for a few months. Occasionally scarring can cause the nipple to pull back and become inverted again, in which case the procedure may need to be repeated.