Twilight Anaesthesia

Twilight Anaesthesia

Are you frightened about having a general anaesthetic? 


General anaesthetic is very safe these days but many people still fear being put to sleep for surgery. 

The rise in popularity of local anaesthetic with sedation (so-called twilight anaesthetic) has meant that we are able to perform most operations with you awake as a day case. 

This might not suit everyone and our hospitals have full hotel facilities and so overnight stay is still possible if wanted or needed and we always have the option for general anaesthetic and so you can have the best of both worlds. 


Who is suitable for Twilight Anaesthesia? 


Classically, twilight anaesthesia was used for patients who were not fit enough for a general anaesthetic because they were too ill or too frail. 

However, more recently, twilight anaesthesia has been becoming a popular alternative to a general anaesthetic for patients who do not want to feel more in control and do not want the common ‘hang over’ effects of a general anaesthetic. 

Probably the most important consideration for twilight anaesthesia is patient selection.

We do not push or encourage our patients to have a twilight anaesthetic because it will not suit everybody. 

All of the hospitals that we use are able to provide both general and twilight anaesthetic and we will always have a fully trained anaesthetist with you throughout the surgery, so there is no difference in the hospital costs. 


Twilight anaesthesia is for patients who want twilight anaesthesia. 


It is for patients who have perhaps got a fear of general anaesthetic and want to feel more in control during their surgery. 


It is for patients who don’t want the after-effects of a general anaesthetic. 


It is not for everyone 


General anaesthetic is very safe these days and so safety concerns are not really an issue when considering General vs Twilight Anaesthesia. 


For many patients, the thought of an operation can be quite daunting and the last thing they want is to be awake for the procedure. 


Twilight sedation is suitable for the following procedures: 


Breast Augmentation  

Breast Lift

Breast Reduction


Mini Tummy Tuck 

Full Tummy Tuck 

Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia Correction)

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