Liposuction is one of our favourite procedures to perform. It can produce dramatic results and leaves only minimal scarring. It is important to realise the limitations of the procedure, however, as it is not a method for losing weight.

You should be stable at your ideal weight, preferably with a BMI below 30, before considering having liposuction. Liposuction is particularly effective for removing stubborn areas of fat that persist depsite losing weight. The hips and outer thighs respond well to liposuction and it is also an effective tool when combined with other procedures such as liposuction to the flanks during abdominoplasty and liposuction to remove gynaecomastia.

The minimal scarring is a major advantage of liposuction, but it also means that there can be no removal of skin. In areas where there is excess skin as well as fat, then skin excision procedures may be better suited. These include areas such as the arms, the abdomen and the inner thigh where brachioplasty, abdominoplasty and thigh lift are often the procedures of choice.

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The Coronavirus Crisis is likely to have a long lasting effect on many aspects of our lives – both good and bad.

  • Remote working has taught us that we perhaps don’t need to use our car as much and there can be benefits in reducing commuting and carbon emissions.
  • Regular hand washing and hygiene can help to reduce the spread of many infections, not just the coronavirus.
  • Spending more time at home has been welcome especially for those of us with young families.

“It is what it is, as my son would say”

…and so we have to try to see if we can take some positives from it.

It has certainly forced me to look at the way I operate. The Private Hospitals have been taken over by the NHS in and are not accepting any Plastic Surgery patients until the New Year. This has meant that I have had to look for other facilities to treat patients (either that, or shutting up shop for 6 months – or more!).

There are still some smaller Private facilities that are not big enough to be of use to the NHS, but are able to offer surgery under General anaesthetic and Twilight anaesthesia (local anaesthetic with sedation). Until now, I had only done a small proportion of my cases under Twilight anaesthesia and only in those patients who specifically requested it.

…but I have to admit that it has been an eye-opener.

We have done quite a few cases under Twilight anaesthesia now and it works amazingly well. The sedation is such that you are not really aware and usually quite relaxed with little or no memory of the procedure. In fact, for most of the surgery, it is similar to a General anaesthetic.

The main difference comes in the postoperative recovery.

…it is a lot smoother following Twilight anaesthesia and you are pretty much ready to get up and walk out within an hour of finishing the surgery.

There are still the bigger cases that need General anaesthetic like tummy tucks or bigger breast reductions but even these can be done with twilight anaesthesia and so I think it is probably a matter of time before it becomes the standard.

We are very lucky to have access to surgical facilities during these challenging times and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be operating again. If you are thinking of having surgery, whether it is under General anaesthetic or Twilight, then please get in touch because we are lucky to have access to some really great surgical facilities.

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We offer an unrivalled aftercare service following surgery and will be available to see you as often as you need for as long as you need and will never charge for follow-up appointments.

This means that if you need to go over things again in the clinic prior to your breast enlargement, you are free to come back as often as you like, you will only be charged for the initial consultation.

Remember, all of your consultations will be with your surgeon – we don’t use sales advisers so there is never any pressure to proceed.

Furthermore, we offer a free annual follow up for all of breast enlargement patients and will see you if you have any questions or concerns at any time following your surgery. As well as having a consultant-led follow up package, all of the breast implants that we use have a lifetime warranty, although the details of this varies between manufacturers and you can find more details here.

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“It was brilliant from start to finish. Mr Staiano was so helpful and caring and advised my treatment. I had a tummy tuck and lipo. It is AMAZING!! I am so happy with the result. I cant stop looking in the mirror at my new body. I cant believe its me! I would definitely recommend Staiano Plastic Surgery rather than some of the more advertised ones. Brilliant job.”

Words by Angela M
Procedure: Liposuction

“The results are amazing, I had totally forgotten how my breasts looked before surgery, well I can honestly say that i am sooooooo happy :-), you have done wonders and I would recommend you to everyone.”

Words by JG
Procedure: Liposuction