We have a particular interest in split earlobe surgery and have published a technique to repair the earlobe while keeping the hole.

Direct suture of a split earlobe can result in a notch in the earlobe if the scar contracts over time. Furthermore, it means that the ear will need to be pierced in a new, unscarred area and this can cause asymmetry with piercings in the opposite ear.

To overcome these problems, we can perform split earlobe repair using a double flap technique which avoids a straight-line scar that is prone to contracture and allows for the earring hole to be recreated in the original position and so earrings can be worn again without re-piercing.

This technique can be done under local anaesthetic as an outpatient procedure. We can perform the procedure on the same day as the consultation in one of our ‘see & treat’ clinics.

*Split earlobe repair using double flap technique to preserve the original earring hole.

Some people have naturally enlarged earlobes and these can be reduced with a relatively simple procedure to reduce the droop and the size of the earlobe.

The scar is hidden in the fold between the ear and the head and is difficult to see once it has faded.

We can perform this surgery in our local anaesthetic operating theatre that we have at the clinic on a walk in, walk out basis.

You will leave with some ointment to put on your earlobe and can wash and shower straight away.

Watch our video to see the earlobe reduction procedure being performed and you can see some photographs before and after earlobe reduction below.

Before and After Earlobe Reduction shown here at 5 months after surgery

The trend for tribal piercing or ‘gauging‘ involves stretching your ears using a taper in order to stretch the hole and wear progressively larger spacers.

The problem is that the technique is not really reversible and the ear will not shrink back when the spacer is removed, so if you change your mind and decide to have a normal ear piercing (or none), this is very difficult, or impossible.

Furthermore, as you stretch the lobe, the skin becomes thinner and weaker and there is a risk of a ‘blowout‘ where the skin breaks and leaves two long pieces of skin hanging down from your earlobe. We repair ‘gauged’ earlobes as well as ‘blowouts’ and this can be done under local anaesthetic on a ‘see and treat’ basis.

Repair of tribal piercing (almost blowout) seen here 1 week after surgery

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Some words from our patients

“I had my earlobes repaired after they split. My children said I looked like ‘pacman’. I arrived for a consultation and had the procedure done immediately. Jonathan was friendly, efficient and I felt confident when I left and I was wearing earnings again a week later. Would definitely recommend. Fab!”

Words by JW
Procedure: Earlobe Surgery

“Made to feel so relaxed, no pressure and involved in all decisions! Fabulous. Looking forward to having my surgery!”