Scar Removal

Scars are an inevitable part of life but we are often approached to perform scar removal. It is important not to lose sight of the purpose of scars in terms of restoring strength and integrity to the skin and we need to let them do their job before we as plastic surgeons intervene.

This means that if you are considering scar removal you should wait at least a year before thinking about intervention. The scar needs to build up strength and mature because in the first year scars will change dramatically.

Which scars are suitable for scar removal?

Scars cannot simply be removed and left as if nothing had ever happened. However we are able to manipulate and change scars and we can make them a lot less noticeable.

There is a huge variety and type of scarring and so it is difficult to give a one size fits all.

Here at the Staiano Clinic we pride ourselves on giving a bespoke one-to-one service and treatment and we encourage patients to come for a free consultation or to send us a photograph of the scar with a short note about the features that they would like changed. This means that we can often give you a tailored quote and treatment plan to give you the best outcome for your particular situation.

There are certain types of scars that are particularly amenable to intervention.

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We can’t do anything about the length of your scar but sometimes scars are too wide. There are certain areas of the body in certain situations where scars continue to stretch.

If there has been a problem with the healing particularly if some of the scar opened up or in locations such as the back, there is a tendency for the scar to stretch over time. This means that whilst the scar was initially a hairline over time it can widen and this is particularly true in areas where the scar is under tension.

We would need to look at whether there was a reason for the scar to stretch in the first place to see whether we could do anything differently to prevent stretching happening a second time.

Some areas of the body such as the back are so prone to stretching that we would sometimes advise you not to have a scar revision because there is a good likelihood that it could stretch again. However if there is a reason such as the wound not healing properly or dehiscence (the wound opening up), it is more likely that we would recommend a scar revision.

The scar could be excised and a fresh scar created in the same area and we would often use layers of sutures to increase the strength of the closure and reduce the risk of stretching again. However, there is always a risk of recurrence of the stretching.

Some words from our patients

“I had a very deep scar on my tummy & since surgery its totally different, it’s given me much more confidence. I am extremely happy with the outcome. Plus Id like to add Mr Staiano was brilliant, he made me feel totally at ease.”

Words by DP
Procedure: Scar Revision

“I had a horrible looking appendix scar from when I was a young child. It now looks absolutely brilliant, can’t thank Doctor Staiano enough. Would definitely recommend.”

Words by DP
Procedure: Scar Revision