Areola reduction is an integral part of a breast reduction or uplift, however, if you are happy with the size and shape of your breasts, but simply feel that your areolae are too large, then an areola reduction may be for you.

It is a relatively simple procedure that can be done under local anaesthesia (this means that you stay awake) and can be done on the same day as your consultation (with prior arrangement).

The areola is the dark skin that surrounds your nipple and should not be confused with the nipple itself, which is the bit that sticks out in the centre of your areola. If your nipple is too large, then this can be reduced in a separate procedure that can also be performed under local anaesthetic on a ‘see & treat’ basis in our clinic in Edgbaston.

Areola Reduction

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There will be a scar all the way around your areola, but we place the scar so that it is on the edge of the areola between the darker skin of the areola and paler skin of the breast. This means that once the scar has faded, it can blend in well.

One of the problems that you can face is that the scar can stretch and your areola may become large again after surgery.  We can reduce the risk of this by using a permanent suture around the areola that is buried underneath the skin so that it maintains your result long after the surgery.

Areola Reduction

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Cosmetic surgery is very subjective and there are no hard and fast rules about how big your areola should be.

The aim is to keep it in proportion with the rest of your breast and so a person with a bigger breast would suit a larger areola, whereas a large areola on a smaller breast may look out of proportion.

As a general rule, when we are performing areola reduction, we aim to make the areola between 3.5-4.5cm.

If you have a view about how big you would like your areola to be, then you can certainly be involved in the final decision and you will be able to see how much we aim to reduce your areola by before we actually perform the surgery.

While we will take care to measure and plan for the size and shape of your areola, the way your scars heal and settle can be unpredictable, so we will not be able to guarantee any specific size or shape for your areola and sometimes some minor irregularities and asymmetries between your areolae can look more natural because no one is perfectly symmetrical with completely round areolae.

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‘See & Treat’ On The Day Service

We offer FREE Consultations with one of our Plastic Surgeons and are very luck to be able to offer a ‘see & treat’ on the day service.

We have a fully equipped minor operating suite on site at The STAIANO Clinic, Birmingham and we could perform your areola reduction on the same day as your consultation if this is something that you wanted.

We are one of the few clinics in the country to be able to offer this service which can be particularly efficient if you live far away or need to limit your time off work.

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