Augmentation Mastopexy is one of the most extensive operations that we do to the breast within the confines of cosmetic breast reshaping and it can have a dramatic effect for patients who are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts.

A breast lift will improve the shape of your breasts, but will not make them bigger.  A breast enlargement will improve the size of your breasts but will not correct the droop.  A breast lift with implants (augmentation mastopexy) will improve the size of your breasts and correct the droop.

There will always be exceptions, so you will need to have a consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate for augmentation mastopexy.

There are many plastic surgeons who will not perform an augmentation mastopexy in one stage.  They will always split it in to two stages.  This is because the complication rate is increased when a breast lift and augmentation are combined.  We will talk to you about the pros and cons of performing surgery in two stages or one to help you to decide what is right for you.

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An augmentation mastopexy is a combination of two separate operations in one – a breast augmentation with implants and a breast lift.

There are some plastic surgeons who recommend that rather than having these operations combined, that you stage it in to two separate operations.  This is because a having a breast augmentation will make the skin of the breast tight, so if we then perform a breast lift, it will make the skin even tighter, which will increase the risk of the wounds breaking down.

If the wounds break down, then there is a risk of infection which might require the implant to be removed.  This is why it is safer to stage the operation in to two stages.  We do offer one-stage augmentation mastopexy at The STAIANO Clinic, but we will always talk to you about the risks.

If your overriding problem is the shape of your breasts, then you could have a breast lift in the first instance as you may be happy with this.

If your overriding problem is the size of your breasts, then you could have breast implants only – although if there is a significant droop to your breasts, your surgeon will advise you accordingly.

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