Too much skin in the upper eyelids can make you look tired and in severe cases can even obstruct vision. With ageing the upper eyelid skin and muscle stretches and fatty bulges may develop.

The skin excess can lead to wrinkling which can make it difficult to apply makeup, or in some cases can cause a hooding effect. With hooding the upper eyelid skin fold sits on the lash margin and when more severe may push the eyelashes down and partially occlude the visual

With Upper eyelid correction (or blepharoplasty) the aim of surgery is to reproduce the ideal shape and contour by removing excess skin and/or muscle and recontouring away fatty bulges. The operation can be performed under local anaesthetic (you stay awake) in our Minor Procedures Suite and takes about an hour to do.

Following surgery you would have a light dressing and some stitches that would need to be removed after a week in our dressing clinic.