What we offer

Women and men have breast surgery for many reasons.

For some women, they may have lost the former shape of their breasts after having children, or perhaps they have recently lost weight. For men, they may have a hormone imbalance which has caused their breasts to grow, or perhaps they have excess skin around their chest area due to weight loss.

Some patients on the other hand have never liked the shape or size of their breasts, and they have finally found the courage to talk to someone about it.

Whatever the reason you want your breasts reshaped, nearly all patients want to improve their confidence levels and by the end of the procedure, they want to have breasts or a chest they can be proud of.

Jonathan can offer you expert advice and a safe, confidential environment to talk over your thoughts about breast surgery. He will always advise the best course of action for you – regardless. This means turning some prospective patients away if breast surgery is not the right option.