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Lockdown 2.0

So, we are in lockdown again. We are much better prepared this time and over the last few months, we have put measures in place to ensure the safety and protection of everyone at the clinic and we have robust measures which are over and above what you might expect in other public environments. because we offer […]

Twilight Anaesthesia – A Change For Good?

The Coronavirus Crisis is likely to have a long lasting effect on many aspects of our lives – both good and bad. Remote working has taught us that we perhaps don’t need to use our car as much and there can be benefits in reducing commuting and carbon emissions. Regular hand washing and hygiene can […]

Is it safe to have surgery during Coronavirus?

Surgery During Coronavirus Crisis If you are planning to have surgery, you may have some concerns about all of the measures in place around COVID-19 and might be wondering if it is safe to have surgery during coronavirus. The risks of contracting the virus relate to the spread in an aerosol form hence the requirement […]

How to treat Breast Asymmetry

We specialise in breast reshaping here at the STAIANO Clinic and can perform breast lifts, breast reductions, breast implants and breast lift with implants. There are many cosmetic clinics which offer breast implants but not all will treat patients with more complicated problems. Patients with breast asymmetry will often present for surgery. The first question […]

Removing a mole without leaving a scar

I am often asked about removing a mole without leaving a scar. There is a lot written on the Internet about this and YouTube seems to be full of videos of people demonstrating home remedies that can ‘quickly and easily remove your mole leaving no visible scarring‘. The reality is that it is not possible […]

The risks of cosmetic surgery

Every day I hear patients talk about the risks of having cosmetic surgery. They are worried that they won’t wake up from the anaesthetic and will leave their children motherless. They tell me stories they have heard about someone who once died having a cosmetic procedure. I sense that there is often a feeling of […]

5 ways to treat keloid scars

Keloid scars are an abnormal form of scarring that occur in some individuals. They are more common in certain skin types such as Afro-Caribbean skin and they are also more common in certain areas such as the earlobes, the shoulders or over the breast bone. They are raised lumpy scars which are often itchy and […]

Smooth Breast Implants

There has been a resurgence recently in the use of smooth breast implants for breast enlargement. Breast implants were invented in 1961 and the first manifestation of them had a smooth shell. This was not adherent when placed inside the breast and had a tendency to move and for visible rippling. In 1968 polyurethane foam implants were […]