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What is a breast lift?

Breast Lift in Birmingham

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Many women come to see me enquiring about breast reshaping. They may have had children and their breasts have lost the shape they used to have. In fact, often they do not need implants. The best treatment in these cases may be a breast lift.

Breast lift or “mastopexy” aims to reshape breasts which have dropped or have become “droopy”. Breast tissue, like all tissues in the body, is subject to the forces of gravity. It is measured depending on how low the nipple has descended. This droop is known as ‘breast ptosis’. Breast ptosis is part of the normal ageing process, but can be exacerbated if the skin of the breast is stretched and then the stretching force is removed.

This commonly occurs after massive weight loss or following childbirth when the breasts become swollen. A breast lift involves removal of skin and mobilisation of the gland to lift the breast. During the procedure, the nipple is lifted to a higher position and the width of the breast is narrowed to create a better shaped breast.

It is important to be aware that scars will be inevitable and the extent of the scarring depends on the amount of tightening that is required. There is always a scar around the nipple, and this may be the only scar. However, it is usually necessary to also have a scar running down from the nipple to the chest wall and one along the inframammary fold (the fold in which the wire of a bra sits) in a similar pattern to that after breast reduction. The scars are red and obvious for the first 3 months but usually fade fully within 6-18 months.

* Thank you for the excellent work and the equally outstanding service. I am really happy with everything and now feel so much better within myself and my confidence levels are through the roof. I feel like an early 20 something again and for that, I am eternally grateful.
– Words by LA - Breast Lift Patient

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Breast Lift with Implants – ‘Augmentation Mastopexy’

A breast lift improves the shape of the breasts and breast augmentation increases the size of the breasts. Often by lifting the breasts with a breast lift and restoring the volume of the breast higher in the chest, it feels like the breasts have been enlarged. However, if the volume of your breasts when you are wearing a bra is too small, then you may choose to have a breast enlargement as well as a breast lift. This will lift the breasts as well as increasing the volume. This can be done in two operations or it can be performed in one operation, although this is technically more difficult. I like to explain all of the options to patients and will perform a breast lift and augmentation in one operation if desired and will go through all of the pros and cons with you in the clinic.

Breast Lift with Implants

Breast Lift or Breast Implants?

Breast Lift or Breast Implants?

It is a common questions for patients who are seeking breast implants to wonder if they need a breast lift and for patients seeking a breast lift to wonder if they need breast implants. This is a topic that can divide plastic surgeons and there are no hard and fast rules.
In my experience, there are many patients who are borderline for a breast lift, who can have breast implants to restore fullness to the breast, and while this may not give quite as good a shape as a breast lift, it does avoid the scarring and potential complications associated with a breast lift.
Furthermore, in borderline cases, this approach can always be followed by having a breast lift at a later date to improve the shape further.