BAAPS 2017

I was lucky enough to have been invited to be a speaker at the the annual conference of plastic surgeons (BAAPS 2017) a couple of weeks ago.
My message to the BAAPS Conference was about how important it is to look after your patients.
Most of the conference was dedicated to strategies and techniques to improve surgical outcomes and this is undoubtedly important.
But I think that a lot of surgeons lose sight of the other aspects that go towards a successful outcome and a happy patient.
Things like:

  • Is your clinic easy to find?
  • Is it easy to park?
  • Are the receptionist and clinic staff welcoming?
  • Do you provide an atmosphere where patients feel they have the time and space they need to make an informed decision?
  • Do you support patients after they have seen you in clinic and after they have had their procedure?

I was asked to talk at the meeting because this is where I have invested a lot of time and energy and this is the main reason that I opened my own clinic.
So that I can control all of these aspects of your experience.
I have built my practice around my goals and values.
There is more to surgery than the traditional aspects that we tend to measure “ things like infection rates, or time to wound healing or revision rates.
I realise that the difference between a happy patient and an unhappy patient is not necessarily completely dependent on the surgical result.
My goal is to develop a world class service at The Staiano Clinic and I know that to do this, we need to not only deliver the best surgical outcomes possible, but we also need to give excellent service and look after patients before, during and after their treatment.
I am continually working towards my goal and I was delighted to be able to share my experience with my plastic surgery colleagues at BAAPS 2017.
The ultimate judge of our service is you and you can help to shape the service that we offer.
If you have any comments or feedback, then please let us know because we are continually trying to improve the service and this culture of improvement will never stop.
We aim to practice what we preach, so feel free to leave comments below or email us and help us to maintain our standards.